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The members of this association use Robert Quinn's competing values model in their activities. This website serves as a knowledge centre. To help you find the correct information, you can use either the selection menus or the site entrance below.

Business owner and/or manager

The competing values model offers mana¬gers and those with overall responsibility within organisations a practical tool in their role and work. Formulating the strategy, setting concrete targets, shaping and structuring the organisation and staff selection linked to competencies become an integrated and coherent entity with the aid of this model.  Read more »

Consultant and/or trainer

The competing values model offers consultants and trainers an excellent tool for subjecting organisations to a critical analysis and using its findings to make recommendations to management and employees for the successful development of the organisation. Read more »


The competing values model offers students an excellent analysis tool with regard to cultural issues. The model forms the basis for the OCAI culture test developed by Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn. Read more »